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At CFSG, our focus is you.

As financial advisors, our objective is to help clients meet their financial goals. We work with a small group of clients so we can provide personal service, dig deeper to understand our clients’ needs, and provide tailored, long-term planning and recommendations to help them achieve their goals.

Since 1981, we have empowered individuals and families throughout Montgomery County, MD and the Washington, DC area to reach their financial goals and make better financial decisions.


Our commitment is rooted in the following principles:

  • Provide a big-picture view to protect your family’s future and financial security
  • Grow, protect, and conserve your wealth
  • Provide individual, tailored advice and strategies to fit your current situation and future needs
  • Align your investments with your values.


At CFSG, we are independent financial advisors. We are not tied to any particular services or company products, and we deliver unbiased, objective and impartial guidance. We act as a fiduciary, which means we are required by law to act in your financial best interests. In practice, this means we ensure we have enough information and know you well enough that we can.


We specialize in Socially Responsible Impact Investing, a way of aligning your investments with your personal values. We can help you invest in ways that matter to you and do good while also focusing on competitive portfolio returns.

We establish long-term relationships and deliver on our promises. Since 1981, we have worked with individuals and businesses in the Washington, DC area to empower them and help them navigate complex financial situations for both short-term and long-term results.

When our clients are truly confident in their financial security, we have done our job.